How do the slots work?

There are 4 separate memory locations represented by the 4 disks (slots). Only one slot can be played at a time. The selection is made in the slot room. This allows 4 people to play alternately on one device. To load a game, simply take the respective disk and insert it into the PC on the right side. The iCloud synchronization is only possible if the app has been installed on multiple devices with the same Apple ID.
Saving to iCloud is always done when you quit the game.
Only the progress of the played disks is always transferred. To delete a game state, the red button above the respective disk must be pressed and confirmed in the speech bubble.

Frequently asked questions

About iCloud synchronization

The individual game slots are synchronized via iCloud. The iCloud is only available when there is an internet connection. Various synchronization problems may occur. The solutions to the following problems are listed here.


Problem 1: Game was completely removed or wiped out of the background immediately

If the game is completely removed from background mode immediately after quitting, iCloud synchronization will also be interrupted. This will incorrectly display the icon of problem 2. This can also lead to errors when deleting a slot. The iCloud synchronization is executed immediately when the app is put into background mode (press home button). The data exchange takes a few seconds.

Wait at least 10 seconds and leave the app in background before wiping it out.


Problem 2: Playing on multiple devices in the same slot

When playing on multiple devices in the same slot, a warning message appears (see figure). If this is ignored, synchronization errors may occur. The game state from the last finished device, will be transferred and saved in iCloud.

Never play with 2 devices at the same time in the same slot.

Two devices may be played alternately in the same slot or simultaneously in different slots!


Problem 3: The game state was not loaded. No synchronization took place

The synchronization needs a stable connection to the server. If this is not given, no data can be retrieved; then the last game state from the used device will be reloaded.

Quit the game immediately, do not continue playing. Check the Internet connection. Wait a few minutes and restart the game. Then the game state should be loaded correctly again.


Problem 4: If the devices are changed too often, the synchronization can fail

If the iCloud synchronization is used extremely often, then it can be limited and there is no more synchronization for a few minutes. The last score will then no longer be loaded. The iCloud should not be overused. In normal gaming, this limitation will never occur.

Quit game immediately, do not continue playing. Wait a few minutes and restart the game. Then the game state should be loaded correctly again.


Problem 5: Warning message does not go away

The warning message may appear incorrectly. Sometimes it is still present even after restarting the game.

Solution A:
Start the game once on the other device and load the splash screen and exit after a few seconds.

Solution B:
Alternatively, press the cloud in the slot room until it wobbles. This procedure should only be used in exceptional cases.


Reset: Complete reset of the game and iCloud

Attention. All iCloud data and game saves will be deleted.

To do this, go to the slot room. Eject the disk from the PC if necessary. Delete all 4 disks one after the other by pressing the red button. Then press the cloud until it shakes.

Then quit the game immediately. After restarting Avolteha, the state of the first installation is restored and all data is deleted.

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